Using pressure washing services for your home or office can extend the life of these important buildings and other surfaces related to them. It is a process that is does not take long, and once it is done, it makes it easy to upkeep these buildings and keep them healthy and beautiful looking. Power washing is a process which is simple and will be made all that much easier when you have it done often and with the correct equipment. If you want to have a beautiful office or home which is free of ugly stains and unsightly marks, you need to hire a professional power washing company.

Why Choose Us?

house_before_afterNot only are we experienced and professional with all of the right equipment to do the job efficiently and in a timely fashion, we take care to carry out some other practices that other companies might not. One thing we make sure and do is to extract and remove any of our water which we use so that no contaminated water is left on your property. We are one of the few companies who will take this extra, but most important step.

We also have a variable temperature and PSI control which can adjust to any kind of power washing job. Some pressure washers can wind up damaging different types of surfaces, so our system is much safer to use. It water vacuums any surface, no matter what it is, with a stronger pressure of up to 3500 PSI, but it is adjusted to fit the material which is being power washed. In this way you can ensure that your property is not getting damaged, while getting properly cleaned at the same time.

Various Surfaces Can be Cleaned Pavement, Concrete and Tarmac – Power washing can make a big difference for the driveway of your home or the parking lot of your business. Sometimes, parking lots need to be kept up to code with the right markings and handicapped spaces. With business that get a lot of traffic, these markings can fade and wear away, or be covered with various fluids such as oil. At home, your patio and concrete surfaces can become stained with runoff or rust from irrigation.

Concrete or Brick Walls and Vinyl Siding – This kind of washing can also be great for cleaning the walls of your home or office buildings. Grime, mildew and dirt are always gathering on the outside of buildings. If they are left uncleansed, they can lead to repairs which are costly, and also degrade the value of a building.

Roofs – These surfaces get more natural elements and weather than other area. With all of the debris and moisture always gathering on a roof, mold, mildew and stains build up over time if they do not get properly cleaned on a regular basis. Molds and algae are very damaging to your structure and will lend up costing you much more money in repairs, or even a full roof replacement.

Decks and Restoration of Wood – Pressure washing is also very effective in cleaning your deck and other exterior wood surfaces. This process needs special attention that we can give it, due to the fact that wood becomes soft and porous as it ages, so too much pressure can cause damage or deterioration.

Gutters – You can also use this method of cleaning for your gutters and drainage systems. Gutters need at least two cleanings each year in the spring and fall which are very thorough to keep them free of mold, clogs or drainage problems. Some people carelessly only clean the exterior of their gutters, cleaning out the debris and leaves from the roof, but this is not enough. You’ll need our expertise and high pressure cleaning attachments for the inside of the gutters to help keep them free of any mildews or molds that can spread quickly to other areas of your business or home property.

As you can see, hiring a professional pressure washing company like us is very important to any property that you own. Pressure washing is the best way to upkeep the health and appearance of a lot of the surfaces at your home or business. Finding a company that is qualified and has the right equipment should be high on your list of priorities for the maintenance of your property.