Your driveway is likely one of the dirtiest parts of your home and property.  We have driveway cleaning and pressure washing services that help with this problem. The car that drives all over the driveway all day leaves gunk from the tires, but the dirt and debris from the tires is going to stay on the driveway without serious heat and pressure cleaning. Plus, the weather pushes leaves and other debris onto the driveway that will sink in over time. This means that the driveway is being discoloured every single time that you drive there.

ss-tm870ss-eaThe driveway power washing service that we offer is different that most driveway cleaning companies.   With our 3500 PSI machine that has separate temperature and PSI settings we will get the driveway back to its original colour. You might not remember the last time your driveway was its original color, but now you can get the driveway back to its original color with ease.  Our service works very quickly and is one of the only services you will find that completely removes the contaminated water from your residence, leaving your driveway completely dry and clean minutes after we leave.  There is no spreading the contaminated water around like most driveway pressure washing services, because we extract the water as we clean.

Our units are designed to strip away the layers and layers of grime that has sunk into your driveway. Stripping away all of the grime and dirt that is on your driveway takes time with most systems, but our equipment will do a better job in one quick pass.

Your neighbours will be envious when they see your driveway sparkle next to theirs.

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