exposed-aggregate-pavingstone-sealing-498x665Deck cleaning services are necessary to maintain the decking, and to restore your decks look to brand new. The deck is the best place for you to host parties, and AVS Cleaning Solutions offers a deck cleaning service that is perfect for making your home look its best. We use the above technology in the video to make sure that you get all of that filth and dirt off the deck when it has been building up.  Additionally, unlike other power washing companies, we remove all the contaminated water from your deck so we do not spread soiled water to your yard or other surfaces.  We are one of the only power washing companies that have the equipment to remove contaminated water from your premises.

The deck cleaning service that we offer starts with an estimate for cleaning more than the deck. The deck, the porch and the veranda are the largest parts of the house, and they see the most weather and dirt in the course of a day. You cannot spend all day cleaning up your deck so that the dirt does not sink in.  Rather than doing this cleaning on your own, hire us to come out and clean up the deck quickly in just one pass.

Our systems are very powerful and work at up to 3500 PSI to clean your deck. The dirt and grime that sticks to the deck is going to be hard to get rid of without this powerful combination of heat and pressure.  Also with our extraction, your deck is completely dry and clean minutes after we leave, unless its uncovered and raining of course.  :)

We can also clean up the benches and swings that you have on your porch or deck. We make sure to clean everything that you want to have cleaned. We know that you have to worry about all of the furniture and other items on the deck, and we can help to make sure that those items are cleaned just as fast as possible.

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