Commercial floor cleaning is necessary for every large building and office complex that has foot traffic all throughout the day. There are many ways to get the floors cleaned, but all of these cleaning options are designed to help the business look better and impress their customers.

Our commercial floor cleaner equipment outshines our competitors because it is the highest grade of equipment available for hard surface cleaning. With up to 3500 PSI and varying temperature control, we can adapt to any commercial floor type including carpets.



Here are a few commercial cleaning applications that we service:

  • malls
  • grocery stores
  • restaurants
  • retail stores
  • mechanical shops
  • warehouses
  • and much, much more.

Here are different types of commercial surface cleaning our equipment is suitable for:

  • commercial tile
  • concrete
  • carpet
  • granite
  • vinyl
  • ashphalt
  • any other hard surface

From atriums of a building to entire mall flooring surfaces, we are equipped to handle the job.

Our cleaning equipment is also very efficient.  We can clean any surface no matter how bad the stains on one pass.  It is just that powerful and its extraction process makes sure that all the contaminated water leaves your commercial property.

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