Nothing beats the feeling of new upholstery in the home. Maybe a new sofa or some new chairs. It can really brighten up your home, and make you feel good. The problem is that these items get used a lot. People sit on them for hours a day, putting their feet up, dragging dirt from the outside in, pets getting on, children getting on, and a thousand other ways that these once new and fresh looking upholstery items end up looking dirty. If this sounds like your sofa and chairs then you should give us a call, our upholstery cleaning company can have your sofas, chairs, and other upholstery looking good as new.

Choose us for a truly professional and fantastic service. We will turn up when we say we will and get the job done quickly and efficiently, but also to a high quality standard.

Why Choose AVS Cleaning Solutions?

ss-tm870ss-eaWe offer the best service in the local area. Our equipment is specially designed to be used no matter what type of upholstery cleaning you require. The equipment has a variable temperature control, and also variable PSI control. This ensures that we can select the perfect temperature and PSI level for your upholstery, ensuring that there will be no damage caused, and that the perfect level cleaning is achieved.

Some equipment can damage certain types of upholstery but ours is specially designed to ensure that this never happens, and that you will get the perfect cleaning level every time.

Another huge bonus of choosing us as your upholstery cleaning company is that our equipment will have your upholstery clean and ready to use much quicker than anyone else. Our powerful extraction system means that the sofa or chairs or other type of upholstery will be completely dry just a short time after we leave. Other companies generally take up to 24 hours to dry after they have completed the cleaning, this means that your upholstery chairs and sofas will be unusable for all of the time, which creates a major inconvenience. Choose us and you will never have this problem, as your upholstery will be completely dry within a few hours of cleaning.

All this fantastic quality and service actually comes at a surprisingly affordable cost. Certainly great value compared to what you are getting, and certainly the best valueupholstery cleaners in the local area.

Call us today to for your upholstery cleaning needs at 1-604-856-9296 or fill in the form to the right of this page.