At AVS Cleaning Solutions you will be amazed at the service that we offer in transforming your tile and grout. Our expertise in tile cleaning will make your tile look like it did the day it was installed.

The equipment that we use to clean your tiles will leave a marked difference in the way that your surfaces appear. This is because we have variable temperature control and pressure that enables us to adjust for any types of tile and grout. With a larger cleaning head, we also are able to cut down the time it takes to clean your tiles because we can do it usually in one pass. Your tiles will change right before your eyes as we move through and clean your floors.

Ceramic-Floor-Tiles-Luton-Restaurant-BeforeThe powerful extraction leaves the tile surfaces dried instantly. This ensures that once we are done cleaning you can go back to making use of the room immediately. Since I make certain to leave a good record with our customers, all the corners of your flooring will be adequately addressed as we do not leave any places untouched.

Our cleaners are trained and certified with our very specialized equipment so that they know the exact temperature and PSI settings for each different tile surface.

Being able to offer personalized service to our customers is what has made our job stand out among other commercial or residential tile cleaners in the field. I make certain that my company remains a leading authority in tile cleaning.

Other commercial tile cleaners are unable to match our services in this area due to the type of equipment we have. This is the highest grade of equipment that can be bought for tile cleaning, and it separates us from our competition.

Anyone who requires experts to clean tiled floors can get in touch with AVS Cleaning Solutions for a unique touch of quality in tile cleaning. I am sure that once you get a feel of our services you will only call us when the need arises to deep clean your tile surfaces. Since we also offer commercial tile cleaning, many companies have discovered our services and regularly call on us to take professionalism to their offices, malls, grocery stores and more.