At AVS Cleaning Solutions, we take pride in having a carpet cleaning company that ranks among the elite with a distinctive and great carpet cleaning system not found with many of our competitors. The equipment that we use for cleaning carpets not only does the work faster, but it does it better and leaves your carpets dryer with more powerful extraction than most of our competitors.

sb_before_after_living_roomFeatures such as a larger cleaning head and variable temperature control help us to address the cleaning of different types of carpet that we encounter in our daily work.  With more power we are able to offer the best in the field.  Our equipment comes with the most powerful extraction available anywhere and this guarantees that once we clean the carpets we leave them clean and dry, ready for use.

We ensure that the jobs are done well to match with my vision of being the best in offering carpet cleaning services.  Not all carpets are treated the same way.  Most carpet cleaning companies has a one size fits all solution.  With our variable temperature and PSI control, we can adapt our carpet cleaning services to fit any type of carpet or hard floor surface period.  While we are there doing your carpets, the same machine can easily be adapted to do your tile and grout if you choose to do so.

Our machine is so effective that it cleans on one pass, speeding up the time we are there for things to return to normal after we leave.

We are also able to get more work done with a larger cleaning head and this gives us the ability to get more work done in lesser time. Our work speaks for itself and we have many happy customers who call us every year to clean their carpets.  It is quick, affordable and effective.

If you have pets or children, you know how important it is to regularly maintain your carpets.  Our system will lengthen the time needed in between visits due to our superior cleaning machines and trained staff.

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