Concrete cleaning services are needed for both Commercial and Residential properties.

Here are just some of the concrete surface areas we clean on a regular basis:

  • parking lots
  • house walkways
  • driveways
  • commercial buildings
  • patio areas
  • side walks
  • garage shops with oily floors
  • much, much more.

You will likely find that these areas get very dirty because they hold onto gunk and grime in ways that other surfaces simply cannot. You will be very happy to find that the way to keep these surfaces clean is to make sure that you are getting them cleaned by the best concrete cleaning company in the area.

ss-tm870ss-eaAVS Cleaning solutions use concrete cleaning equipment that is far superior to regular power washing companies.  We are able to help you with any part of your home or commercial property to ensure that you are able to enjoy that space and also reduce hazards at the work place.

Our machine produces up to 3500 PSI with varying temperature control and PSI settings that address any kind of concrete stains that most companies portable or even truck mount machinery are unable to deal with.  This machine helps to clear away dirt and grime that has been on the concrete for so long that you forgot what the original colour of the concrete was. When we get done, it is like white washing the concrete or sandblasting it.  Our services are designed to be friendly to the environment, and better yet, we remove all contaminated water from your property immediately while we are working.  Our system is one of the only power washing systems that clean and extract the water at the same time leaving your concrete dry minutes after we leave.

Our equipment will work on the hardest to reach areas. There are parts of the sidewalk and other areas that are very hard for you to get to. Rather than leaving them unclean, ask us to come out to your property and we will make sure that we get to all of the parts of the property that are not getting cleaned properly when you cannot reach them.

Our equipment is also very efficient.  Besides getting the most powerful cleaning available, it is also very quick.  We can remove the toughest concrete stains on one pass with our top of the line cleaning extraction machine.

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