AVS Cleaning Solutions has been operating in the Fraser Valley since 1997.

extractorWe have evolved over time and expanded our services and have recently upgraded our commercial equipment to the highest calibre of equipment available for residential or commercial hard surface cleaning.  We are your all in one solution to clean just about any surface you could imagine including carpets and upholstery. With this equipment, you might think you will have to pay more than the inferior equipped companies, but in reality, this is not the case.

Our equipment not only does a better job that most of our competitors; it also does it faster.  This usually ends up saving our customers money and at the same time providing them with a premium service.

Our truck mount system has variable temperature control from freezing water up to 240 degrees celsius, and it also has variable pressure up to 3500 PSI.  That means we can clean anything at the right temperature and pressure so that there is never any damage to your property.  This is a step above the bulk of our competitors equipment.  We are also trained specifically on this equipment for every type of surface, and with over 16 years experience and having seen and done almost every type of job imaginable, I can assure you that we are your best choice for your commercial or residential cleaning needs.

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